statisticsThe year of 2011 has ended and it is possible to collect and analyze data. When scanning, the scanner logs size of a file, the number of discovered vulnerabilities, there is a counter of scans as well.

Here are the figures for 2011:

The number of scans 13.143, the amount of trusted code 7,122,421,827 bytes, the number of discovered vulnerabilities 35.545.

If you make simple mathematical operations you’ll take 2.7 vulnerability for each scanning. Or, in other words, one vulnerability on every 200.377 bytes of code.

    The logs can be scanned to determine the percentage of files with vulnerabilities as well. And this percentage is extremely high, it turns out that about 75% of that loaded in the scanner has a vulnerability. According to Netcraft there were 504.08 million sites on the Internet in October 2011. And if you combine the statistics with the number of sites, you’ll have 378.06 million sites with particular vulnerabilities. Three of the four sites have the potential to be cracked. This begs the question: are you sure that your site does not have vulnerabilities? If you are not, check it with our scanner. It does not take much time, but it can save your website from hacking.

    Our scanner has been in existence since 11/27/2010. For this time it tested 15.018 projects, 8,225,421,427 bytes of code and found 40.622 vulnerabilities. These numbers are constantly growing. Exact numbers can be found on the scanner page.

    We wish you less problems with security of your projects in the new year of 2012!