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aboutIt is well known that on the internet’s expanse, one can find a lot of information about how to hack a website as well as how to deal with such threats. However, this information is not only unsystematized and chaotic, but quite often it helps you merely to become familiar with the subject while many topics are left without an adequate, detailed treatment or completely unexplained. This is easily understandable as this is the daily bread for both the hackers and information security specialists.
   The scanner find-xss.net project lays no claim to their bread. Its objective is to help website developers and owners secure their projects from getting hacked without resorting to costly tests and complex specialized software. It is no secret that not everyone can afford them. And to attack those who can’t defend themselves is a mean thing to do!
Statistics shows that the number of hacked sites has rapidly increased over the past several years. And this has to do not so much with neglecting the security issue in the internet projects as with the complexity of the problem in question and with the undeveloped state of the appropriate set of tools. We have determined to make up for this lack!
The find-xss.net scanner has been created by a team of highly qualified specialists in the area of information security. We are constantly watching the current trends and relentlessly upgrading our scanner. Based on many years of our experience, you will be able to step into the future with more confidence!
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2010-11-26 14:17:37
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