utilitiesSometimes you want to check file permissions. It is very simple if there is a shell in Linux, it is done with one command:
    ls-l-R | grep "rwxrwxrwx"
    You can check out everything you need changing Rwxrwxrwx in different variations. But very many hostings have no shell, and it takes much time to view all files using FTP. So it prompted me to write a simple script for viewing rights for files and folders. This script allows you to filter the files and folders with different rights as well as change the directory for scanning.
    You may download the script  here

    1. Copy the file find-info.php in the root of your site.
    2. Open the file http://your web site / find-info.php in the browser.
    3. Attention!!! Be sure to delete the file after work.
    I wish you less problems with security of your project!