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servicesThe scanner is easy-to-use and effective for vulnerabilities searching but elimination of vulnerabilities sticks everybody. It became especially evident when vulnerability elimination testing was started. 90% of those that passed one or another test picked less than 80% correct answers. That’s why a decision to offer vulnerability elimination services was taken. The cost of the services is 1$ per vulnerability. Follow the procedure below:
    1. Send a letter to support@find-xss.net, attach to it a zip file containing your project. It may be desired if there are no pictures, videos, music or flash-files – the size of your archive will be smaller.
    2. The scanner will test your project and eliminate all vulnerabilities. Payment details will be sent to your e-mail.
    3. Your project without vulnerabilities will be sent to you upon payment.
    You can also contact us on skype inventor1975
    We wish you to have fewer problems with your projects security!

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