utilitiesFind-Port Utility is designed for checking open ports. It is extremely simple in use. Scanning takes seconds. If you are going to scan a remote site, you need to specify in the code of the utility the target IP address or host name (domain) in line:

    $ host = $ _SERVER ['SERVER_ADDR'];

    For example, in such a way:

    $ host = "example.com";

This scan option is intended for those who are not baffled by settings php.ini, since in this case, the scan time will increase from a few seconds to ten minutes and can be interrupted by your host, which should increase the time of the script work in php.ini.

You can download the script here (Version 0.1.0).


1.    Copy the file find-port.php to the root directory of your site.

2.    Open the file http://your web site / find-port.php in your browser.

   We wish you less problems with security of your projects !