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It is not a secret for many webmasters that infinite number of various validators can be found in the vast expanses of the Internet. The universal validator.w3.org is an excellent example of such a statement. You may ask quite a relevant question: why do we offer another validator to our customers? Before answering this question, let us ask you: how often did you face with hundreds of different errors, which are easy to get confused using validator.w3.org? Experienced webmasters will agree that this tool is not suitable for some tests (e.g, searching the wrong tag on a project) because of its universality. The validator that we offer was created exclusively for the simple search of erroneous tags. The tool from Find-XSS.net is the best way to cope with its tasks unlike the previously mentioned multifunctional “combine” and its “brothers-in-shop”. Try it out in action and make sure of the sincerity of our words. Best regards, Find-XSS.net Development Team.
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Check <img> without alt=''
Check tags without '/>'
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