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News by tag - Statistics

Statistics 2014

statisticsHere the vulnerability statistics 2014 year

Статистика уязвимостей за 2013 год

statisticsДорогие друзья сайта find-xss.net, как принято в начале нового года мы публикуем статистику найденных уязвимостей нашим сканером. На графике слева на право обозначены:
Количество проверок - 29 417
Количество найденных уязвимостей - 242 021
количество проверенного кода - 9 313 мб

Vulnerability statistics for 2012

statisticsDear users of Find-XSS.net! In this section we offer you to get acquainted with the statistics obtained by scanning our clients’ projects.

Note: we present data for the last two years below.

Vulnerability statistics for 2011

statisticsThe year of 2011 has ended and it is possible to collect and analyze data. When scanning, the scanner logs size of a file, the number of discovered vulnerabilities, there is a counter of scans as well.

Here are the figures for 2011:

The number of scans 13.143, the amount of trusted code 7,122,421,827 bytes, the number of discovered vulnerabilities 35.545.

If you make simple mathematical operations you’ll take 2.7 vulnerability for each scanning. Or, in other words, one vulnerability on every 200.377 bytes of code.

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