If you have already read our funny and absurd story you may have noticed that we didn’t mention any names. The heroes of the today’s  news, on the other hand, are probably well known to the whole world. Some Romanian hackers TinKode and Ne0h hacked the and sites. Moreover, the hacking was performed by means of that very SQL Injection which our website is specifically meant to fight!
    Thanks to this vulnerability the hackers obtained a list of databases and table contents used by this source as well as the tables containing users’ info – their logins and passwords.
    Furthermore, already in January an XSS- vulnerability had already been discovered in the authoritative website, which made it possible to attack the site by using the cross-site scripting.
    The hacking of such an authoritative website as by means of the aforementioned vulnerabilities provides another example for developers and owners of net sources – it is not wise to neglect the security of your websites. Even industrial giants that have a huge staff of first-rate programmers are not insured from such errors in their software. We hope that our project will help you discover potential threats in a timely way and avoid troubles.