Java client Are you afraid to download the source code in the scanner? We understand you but now you should not worry about it. We have developed a client part of scanner. It works in Java. So if you have not installed the Java virtual machine yet, it’s the time to do it. A Find-Compromise Client will analyze your project on your computer and create a file. The file will have pieces of code which require additional testing, by the server part of the scanner now. After downloading of this file the scanner will give the report. So you will not have to worry about your project, and we - for exclusivity of our product.

Upload the FindCompromise.jar file here (version 1.0.0).

1. Make sure you have installed the Java virtual machine.

2. Copy the FindCompromise.jar file to the root folder of your project

3. Open a terminal (command line).

4. Go to the directory of your project with cd command.

5a. Launch file to execute the command:

java-jar FindCompromise.jar

5b. If your project uses  the end of the file different from *. php (such as in Drupal), indicate them in the end of a command, separated by spaces. For example:

java-jar FindCompromise.jar php phtml inc module

6. Download the received file to XSS scanner
(the file will be created in the same folder and will look like this:


7. Do not forget to delete the FindCompromise.jar file from your project.


     I wish you less problems with your project security!