We are asked the same question quite often: “Why is XSS and SQL injection scanner so popular among customers?” The answer is actually very simple: for the reason that our site vulnerability scanner is extremely safe and effective, quickly performs the assigned tasks and has an intuitive easy management. What is the effectiveness? Our scanner checks and finds a vulnerability in times better than any other “code scanner”, available on the Internet. Is it really so safe? Yes, the client scanner runs on Java, so you do not need to upload and download the source code. Is it true that the verification is very fast? We can guarantee it, because our scanner performs its tasks in online mode and checks megabytes of code in seconds. How easy is it to work with this tool? To begin scanning, you need only two clicks. And what is more, the report will offer you to check the automatic fix of vulnerabilities. Are you seriously worried for the safety of your project? Trust our XSS and SQL injection scanner, analyze a website for vulnerabilities and all your anxiety will leave in the past.