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What is XSS?

haw to    XSS is a term used to refer to one of the varieties of website vulnerabilities, i.e. when a culprit has a possibility to insert into such a site some foreign scripts which can later be performed on the client’s (victim’s) side. Notice that the victims may be not only users but also other severs or internet services. The  abbreviation XSS is derived from Cross Site Scripting but in order to avoid  confusion with CSS, which is widely known as Cascading Style Sheets, a different abbreviation has been adopted.
    Programmers have not paid proper attention to XSS for a long time, since they were not considered dangerous. But due to the rapid development of web-technologies, this vulnerability has become a real plague for the internet community. That is why a classification of XSS vulnerabilities has already appeared today, both according to the mechanism of attack execution and according to the channels of script insertion.

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