new version

    There are two pieces of news and you may choose which to begin with. The first one is a new version of the scanner, and the second one - scanner transition to a paid mode. Well, perhaps we should start with the latter.
    Paid mode includes the following. General report of scanning is only available free of charge. The number of Errors (XSS and SQL Injection) and Warnings (they should be treated with the same attention as the Errors starting with version 0.4.0) are provided. The size of the ZIP archive for scanning remained unchanged - up to 10Mb. You need to send SMS (price is symbolic) for one-time view the full report of scanning. The possibility of getting VIP status (for a day and 3-day scanning) is remained. You have to register and make payment via SMS or paypal. A system of referrals continues to operate. You will receive 1 day of VIP for each user. You should have no problems with your VIP status if you place your referral link on your site or forum. The referral link is in your account profile.  
    According to the tests results of various CMS the number of found vulnerabilities increased by 5% in version of the scanner 0.4.0. You may tell that it's not so much, but if they are added to the already existing 90%, the result will not be bad but quite the contrary. Almost all the vulnerabilities are tracked, and if the scanner did not find something it is connected with non-standard written code. Or the vulnerability is in fact specially hidden. There is no limit to perfection but we strive for it.
    Now we have to revert to a question which is unpleasant for us. Probably someone may suspect that we are trying to steal the code of his site with the help of the scanner. But ask yourself: what is to be done with it? After all this is the code without a database, without articles, pictures, movies, music and anything else that attracts your customers to your site. You just spend your traffic and your time for downloading for nothing if you download all of it to a scanner. You may rest assured that all the downloaded files are removed immediately after scanning, we do not store terabytes to no purpose. Do not download only the configuration file of your site. The password for connection to the database is usually stored there. Neither scanner nor we need it. That way you'll sleep well and we will also be easy in our mind.
    We wish you less problems with security of your projects!