Five friends had a meeting. The first one juggled, the second sang a song, the third told a joke, the fourth recited a poem and the fifth showed his collection of stamps.What has come of it? It happened that each of them entertained the friends once, in a while enjoyed four times. Our system of advertising exchange works by the same principle.

Advertising exchange service is completely free. For each block of advertisement shown, having the form:


Обмен рекламой
Реклама Реклама Реклама Реклама Реклама


you get up to 5 hits of your own advertisement in the same block. Why to 5? This is a temporary inconvenience, yet the system does not connect with two dozens of sites (besides there are the costs of the system).

In addition, the system provides the transmission of ad impressions from one unit to another, that makes it possible to promote the beginners projects, due to already advanced. You are given an opportunity to create and edit your ad units, personally for your site. The client clicks on your ads as well as advertising in the block on your site are taken into account. It is displayed on the stats page.

According to the experience of showing this system to friends, they all say: “Oh, so it is a pyramid!” No! This is not a pyramid! Here is a good example for 3 users:

The first shows ads:

Ads of the second and ads of the third

The second shows ad:

Ads of the first and ads of the third

The third shows ad:

Ads of the first and ads of the second

Now you can count yourselves how much each advertisement is shown, and how many times his own advertising is demonstrated. As you can see, each showed the ad one