We’ve already told you a little about XSS and SQL injection scanner, Find-Compromise client and the Add-on for the Find-XSS-Fire browser. Now let’s take a closer look: what is each of these tools intended for, which one is better and how you should use them. Remember the main thing: they all serve the same purpose - to check your project for vulnerabilities. The most important of them is XSS and SQL injection scanner - a special tool that allows validating sites online. Its client called Find-Compromise provides one half of its activity on your computer, and the scanner does another one, enlisting XSS and SQL injection. It may seem a bit confusing, but in fact there is nothing complicated about it, because you do not have to load your project on our site when using the Find-Compromise scanner client. The next on the list is a convenient and reliable Add-on for the browser Find-XSS-Fire, which is essentially another network scanner (it also does not require files downloading). The basis of its operation is the principle of imitation a hacker trying to break into your website. In doing so, the tool collects all the important information on current vulnerabilities completely. After getting acquainted with the principles of all three tools you may ask a correct question: “Which of them should be used in the first place?” In most cases you can do XSS and SQL injection scanner (under this option, using the Find-Compromise client is not required). After that, on the safe side it is recommended to check your project with Find-XSS-Fire on the localhost (in any case do not check on a standard site hosting, because the scanner can merely break it). Perhaps this tool can find some additional vulnerability, lost on the first scan. Do you still have questions? In this case, just contact our professional support service. Its employees are ready to help you to solve any difficulty.