Unfortunately, most webmasters first encounter with such a serious problem as a “vulnerability” only when their sites are breaking. A sad thing is that a large percentage of experienced developers are aware of the seriousness of the threat, but for some reasons leave it without proper attention. The reasons for this phenomenon can be various: the technical complexity of the issue, the eternal hope of “maybe”, sometimes a frank laziness or unwillingness to fix anything in a work. Let us notice that the most reliable solution is to overcome your passivity and puzzle yourself with a question: “What can be done”? In this case our resource, offering accurate and reliable tools for qualitative sites testing as well as finding and self-correction the vulnerabilities will help you. It’s not a secret that some clients do not have enough time or energy for a full conduct of such a work - in these situations we offer our professional services (more information about them can be found in the section “Service”). No need to repeat the mistakes of others, let’s take care of the security of your projects and their protection from XSS attacks just now.