You decided to use the tools offered by us to identify and correct vulnerabilities, but you do not know where to start? In this case, we suggest familiarizing with the steps below comprehensive inspection of your project. To get started, test the website by means of XSS and SQL injection scanner and correct discovered vulnerabilities. After correction recheck your project, but apply this time the Find-XSS-Fire scanner. In case of new vulnerabilities fix them. Then we recommend you to check the project for open ports, it can be done by the utility Find-Port. Note: if you are not aware of the purpose of a port, it is better to turn for help and explanation to the technical support of your hosting. After following the above sequence, try to verify the rights to folders and files, because errors in rights often lead to the possibility of shells “filling”. A special utility Find-Info will help you with this. It will not be superfluous to use the utility Find-Date as well. It checks modification dates of files and folders, which will help in the detection of shells, because the dates of the files if available will be different. Moreover, we sincerely recommend carrying out check of your website by using our validator for HTML errors, and take advantage of useful utility Find-Link, which will help you to find and remove unnecessary external links.
Do not repeat the mistakes of others, use the tools that we offer and take care of your project security right now.