Dear friends! Only we are able to provide you with a lot of really useful and sometimes essential things for web-masters, from utilities and informers to the most powerful currently tools to find vulnerabilities. For example, one of the most popular tools, called “Find-Link”, will help you to detect and remove all hidden links. A tool known as “Find-Port” will find all the open ports on your server. Perhaps you have already searched for a certain place in the code spending a lot of time - in this case the utility “Find-String” will make your task easier. A simplified HTML validator that checks your site for erroneous HTML tags is another useful and efficient service we offer. There is also a network scanner “Find-XSS-Fire”, made as Add-on for the Firefox browser: it will check any project on XSS, SQL injection (SQL injection), PHP including. But the most powerful and useful tool for any web master (chief of all presented at our resource) is a code scanner. Its main advantage in comparison with other network scanners is that it checks the code directly. That is why this tool is able to detect such vulnerabilities that can not be found by other ordinary scanner.
We hope that our resource and all provided tools can solve all security problems of your projects.